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100% pure Organic Coconut Oil For Scalp & Skin Health

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Coconut is a multipurpose blessing that God gifted us, humans, with. It can be used as a food additive and can be used in multipurpose therapeutic regimes. Organic coconut oil extracts have infinite benefits from providing taste to our taste buds to adding extra health to our hair, skin, nails, and eyelashes. It just remodifies its eco-friendly benefits in different shapes to help and improve human immunity and health.
Organic coconut oil originates from the flesh of coconut fruit, and its fructis extracts and has entered into our lives as a natural beauty protector and enhancer. However, while choosing 100% pure coconut oil, You might get the wrong ones; those with extra chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and toxins, which might worsen your hair and skin of yours. That being the case, I decided to list those pure virgin coconut oils that are tried and tested before marketing.

Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil(Image: Amazon)

Happy Belly was once a Solimo Product; yet, Now it maintains the same quality and benefits as ever. The brand has its coconut farms from where fresh coconuts are plucked for oil extraction and marketed after that. Each organic coconut oil is packed in the jar after being tested and approved as a non-GMO project verified.

Using it for food can add more taste, and aroma to your food as it is best for sautéing, baking, and stir-frying your meal. If the use is related to personal care, then it is highly suitable as it is light and less greasy. Let your hair shine and stay out of frizz with its application!

Sun Bum Coconut Argan Oil

Organic Coconut Oil (Image: Amazon)

Sun Bum gives out best-selling cruelty-free products for protecting your hair and strengthening it. With the blend of argan oil, Sweet Almond and Sunflower Seed, it improves all hair types and fights against heating damage. Working on your most intense days can be a little bit better without worrying about frizz, damage, and crackly skin.
In summer, it adds manageability to your hair, and love to your deadlocks and split ends. You just need to add 2-3 pumps in your pump and add strength to your ends. Its simple and less time taking routine converts worry into relief.

Viva Natural’s Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil(Image: Amazon)

Viva Natural has an impactful view of the market for their unrefined organic virgin coconut oil. It is packed with loaded benefits, be it in your yummy meals, in your hair as a protectant, and applied over the skin.

If you’re a health and diet-conscious person, then it will definitely suit your lifestyle as it is effective in keto, paleo, and even, gluten-free diets. So, ease yourself with its jar in your house. Plus, it is free from allergens so you don’t have to worry about any reactions.

Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil (Image: Amazon)

Proven Kirkland coconut oil for you is sponsored by Nutiva. Nutiva explored coconut farms and mapped out USDA organic, cold-pressed pure virgin coconut oil with Whole 30 Approved. Organic farmers resource the world’s finest coconut from farms and prepare Nutiva coconut oil free from toxins and allergens.

Healthy meals are now at the counter as it is ideal for people who are avoiding gluten, margarine, and cooking oil and prove to be the best alternative to these. The light oil texture gives a classical aroma and taste to food while reducing the unhealthy oily diet content. It is ideal for baking, sautéing, and frying purposes.

For skincare, this extra virgin coconut oil supplies nutrients to dried and dead hair. Massively giving your hair the fine texture, shiny look, and hydrating its oil balances that get disturbed and lost somehow. Made from 63% medium-chain triglycerides and 50% lauric acids without dangerous toxins, it served the purpose right!

Carrington Farms Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil (Image: Amazon)

Carrington Farms harvest their coconuts for farm-fresh products with few chemicals. The product is highly advised for the onesavoiding gluten, margarine, and cooking oil as it is planned and made by a nutritionist. According to various nutritionists, it is advised to avoid using extra oily food; yet, sometimes, adding oil to your meal is necessary. Thus, as an alternative to bad oil, it is recommended to use coconut oil, which is light for the heart and health.

Carrington farm’s product is preferred for cooking more than for personal care use. But, it still can be a backup alternative to your DIY hair mask to make your hair shine and stay out of frizz!

Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

Organic Coconut Oil (Image: Amazon)

Be it body care or cooking, Garden of Life Coconut Oil is all that you need. It serves as raw extra virgin coconut oil for your hair, skin, and cooking. The product is classified as pure, unrefined, cold-pressed oil with MCTs for body cell repair and nourishment, and baking purpose.

Excellent source of diet nourishment, natural skin moisturizer, and deep hair conditioning therapy are the benefits that are packed in this tiny jar. Smoothen your scaly scalp, skin, and nails and revert them to their original state with it!

Nutiva Organic Steam Refined Coconut Oil

(Image: Amazon)

Nutiva Organic Steam Refined Coconut Oil is made from 63% medium-chain triglycerides and 50% lauric acids without dangerous toxins. The toxin-free Nutiva is combined with a body exfoliating scrub to scratch off the dead cells and replace them with new cells keeping them hydrated.

Keep your health fit and free yourself from any skin issues with it. The use of this product ranges to an extensive limit. With it, you can bake, sauté, fry, and oil your meal without any worry to cause dietary health problems and feel fresh and lively with your skin.

Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil (Image: Amazon)

USDA-certified and plant-based virgin coconut oil from Island Fresh Superior are better than the rest you’ll find in your local stores. Its superior organic formula of it is extremely beneficial and supports the metabolism of your body. You can use it as your daily supplement or can make it compulsory diet content. Its use depends on how you wish to have it.

As suggested, you should at least use organic coconut oil once a week. It is the ultimate food for hair to enrich it with the lost richness and radiance. Last, it is free from allergens so you don’t have to worry about any skin and hair reactions.

BetterBody Foods Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil (Image: Amazon)

BetterBody is presenting the world with its 60 percent energy driving medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These energies are boosters and are good for health as they don’t get counted up in bad cholesterol. Plus, don’t worry about added taste or odor to your food as it has neutrality which doesn’t affect the flavor and fragrance.

The product is made and packaged in Utah, one of the finest coconut farms in the world, and refined and processed in Indonesia and the Philippines. The sequence of its manufacture shows how deeply BetterBody cares about the quality of its products.

Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil (Image: Amazon)

Another best-seller of Kirkland coconut oil is none other than Spectrum Essentials organic coconut oil. Spectrum provides their coconut oil with the suggestion to use it for hairs and skin. They are specialized in the external application. Yet, they can be used in cooking as well.

One of the best hair and skin care products, it can restore hair integrity, elasticity, and health by combating UV damage, heating, and styling damage. You’re sure going to love this tropical scent on your body and skin!